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People TRUST Cartoons!

People TRUST Cartoons!


The big question I get asked time and time again is how do these cartoon explainer videos convert so much better than say a video of a person explaining what a product is about and the answer is simple and can be explained in 1 word. TRUST! 

Why Don’t People Trust Normal Sales Videos?

Put your self in this scenario for a minute…. You walk in to a computer shop to buy your self a new computer and the friendly sales person (or pushy sales person as I think of them) approaches you and starts telling you how great this model is but if I pay XXX more I could get this model or if I wanted to add X and X and X I could pay this and it would be so much better. This instantly wants to make me turn around and walk away. In short I hate being sold things, I like to think I have made an educated decision and chose the right model and getting slammed with sales talk does not do this because in reality I turned off and wanted to run a mile as soon as he started talking. Why is this? BECAUSE I DON’T TRUST HIM! Even if all of what he told me was the truth I still just don’t trust him like I need to to make a purchase.

Now put your self in this scenario…. You walk into the same computer shop but this time you are accompanied by a friend who is quite a whizz on computers. Your friend gives you the same advice as the previous sales person gave you but the difference this time is you reach for your wallet and make the purchase. Why is this? BECAUSE YOU TRUST HIM!

This is the same mind set as people take on when watching sales videos. Its just another guy forcing me to buy his product. Now does this work? Of course it does… but don’t you think you would make more sales if they already trusted the person presenting the video?


What Has This Got to do With Explainer Cartoons?

Well it is simple really… Remember when you was still a child, sat in front of the TV watching your favourite cartoons or sat with your kids watching their favourite cartoons? You trusted these funny friendly looking characters and learnt to instantly love them. This feeling will be with you for LIFE even if you don’t go home to watch cartoons after a day in the office your brain is still programmed to TRUST them.


Pull The Trust Trigger!

When people hit your page and a explainer video cartoon starts playing a trigger is INSTANTLY pulled in their mind. This is the trust trigger! Much like scenario 2 above in a computer shop with a friend, people trust your video. This results in people watching not the first 3 seconds of your video and clicking away but watching your whole video and listening to your entire message, so weather you are selling them something or just giving them information your chances of them taking the action you want them to take is GREATLY improved.


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 Posted on : August 13, 2013

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