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So class 2 of Mograph Mentor is in the bag, loved every minute of it and learnt a shit load from Ryan, Lucas and others in class. I was now left with a decision weather or not to go straight through and into class 3, take a School of Motion boot camp or do my own thing.

I am in no rush to go into class 3 of MM as the better I am going into it the more I will get out of it and some of the people going into it I have seen are bloody awesome Motion Designers already. This led me to consider the SOM’s boot camps. I would either have taken the character or the design one. Character animation is something that interests me a lot and my design is something that can always be improved.

I have been doing a lot of character animation and was leaning towards signing up for Character Animation Bootcamp.


Then MOHO 12 came along (formally Anime Studio). I heard lots of good things about the new updates so took advantage of a Black Friday upgrade deal.

This made CAB not as valuable to me as it focuses on After Effects.

Also, I have learnt so much over the last year that if I just apply it more to personal and client projects I will see improvements.

Whats Next?

So, I have decided to take a semester off Mograph Mentor and revisit all of our projects with the knowledge I have now.

I will start with Designing For a Theme from class 1 and make my boards.

I will then use the boards I design for the Class 1 Visual Essay.

This will take me some time as I will be using MOHO and learning it again as I go along.

Once this is complete I will move onto the class 2 projects and do the infographics project and then the Motion Identity Pack.

The Goal!

This will lead to more good work in my portfolio and more shots to choose from when I make a reel so when I finish class 3 I will be in a better position to take on more clients.

Side Note…

MOHO 12 is bloody awesome for character animation. Get it!

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 Posted on : December 10, 2016

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