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In the break between Mograph Mentor classes I decided to revisit each project again and implement everything I’ve been learning. Through out the month of December I’ve been working on a Skateboarding video, style frames and then creating the final video. This follows along with class 1 but instead of designing boards and not animating them I decided to design the boards and then animate those boards to combine both class 1 projects.

Here is the final video…

Skate Animation from Chris Haldenby on Vimeo.

The Process…

My first step is to create a mood board of frames from videos I like that would fit the style of the video I had in mind.

Sample Mood Board

I start the process by drawing everything that comes to my mind in a sketchbook, this helps get ideas onto paper and 5% of them might be ones that I will use in the final video.

I then move onto making a simple sketch storyboard. I will sketch multiple variations of each scene I have in mind and then pick the best of the bunch to make a final sketch storyboard with some simple animation note ideas.

Sketch Storyboarding

Simple Sketch Storyboard

Asset Creation

Once I have a storyboard I’m happy with I will then move into my design software. In this case I designed everything in MOHO 12 but I often use Illustrator/Photoshop.

I like to create multiple variations of each of my final scenes again adding elements and taking them away until I hit the sweet spot.

Here is an example of one frame I was testing.

I decided the sun and clouds were too much but the plain BG was not enough. The speed lines really draw the eye and fits in with the rest of the boards I had in mind so the final version I went with was the bottom right one but with the board graphics from the bottom left.

Digital Storyboard

These are the final frames I settled on ready to animate.

Final Video

And once again here is the final video.

Skate Animation from Chris Haldenby on Vimeo.

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 Posted on : December 31, 2016

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