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I’ve been inside MOHO for around 6 months now and love it. For character animation it is excellent, this being said it will not replace After Effects for snappy Motion Graphics type animations and you will often end up in AE to compose your videos and add effects.

The main area MOHO really excels in is the rigging of characters using its super powerful Smart Bone feature. It’s fantastic not having to worry about the 3rd party plugins of After effects that do an OK job but compared to MOHO they just don’t cut it.

MOHO smart Bones allow you to use bones as dials that you can use for head and body turns, or link them to eye blinks and mouths.

Below are a few examples of rigs I have built to make fully functional characters that can be posed as you with in your scenes.


Ducktales Dewie Animation Rig

360 Bunny Turn Animation Rig

Titman 180 Turn Character Animation Rig

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 Posted on : May 9, 2017

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