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2017 Motion Graphics & Animation Reel

Chris Haldenby 2017 Motion Graphics Reel   Here it is! The last 10 months in 75 seconds. This is some animation work I’ve done over the last year in both Mograph Mentor and doing personal projects. Every project in this reel is designed and animated by me with some creative guidance from the good folks […]

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WSOP Infographics

This project was the next challenge I set myself in revisiting all of my Mograph Mentor projects. This is the Class 2 Infographic project and I chose the World series of Poker to get my information from. I also edited them together to display in a video that you can also see here. Both classes […]

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SKATE Video Process

In the break between Mograph Mentor classes I decided to revisit each project again and implement everything I’ve been learning. Through out the month of December I’ve been working on a Skateboarding video, style frames and then creating the final video. This follows along with class 1 but instead of designing boards and not animating […]

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Whats Next?

So class 2 of Mograph Mentor is in the bag, loved every minute of it and learnt a shit load from Ryan, Lucas and others in class. I was now left with a decision weather or not to go straight through and into class 3, take a School of Motion boot camp or do my […]

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Inktober 2016 is Upon us!

So a while ago Inktober was brought to my attention which is basically a drawing a day for every day in October using traditional inks and pens. Some people will also be going digital with their tablet and favourite but I am going to try and stick with inks and paper for a change and […]

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Making The Dancer Cel Animation

This week I got some free time so I set out to make a few cel animation dancing gifs. I got 3 finished, ‘The Ballet Dancer’, ‘The Moonwalker’ and ‘The Pole Dancer’. All of the character animation was done in Photoshop with Animdessin and then taken into After Effects and composed into a short 20 […]

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