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So the Summer holidays are drawing to an end and I’ve been fitting in random walk cycles and character animations between other jobs and general holiday activities.

All of the character animations I’ve done are in MOHO 12 as it continues to blow my socks off for anything character animation related. I really hope in the future more people realize the power of this software and it becomes the go to software in the industry for character animation because its bloody awesome and makes After Effects look like a rusty metro with a body kit next to an F1 car that is MOHO.

I’ve put them all together into a 60 second mini reel below.


Summer of MOHO Gif’s!

I started off with 8 days of MOHO monsters to play with different character rigs and walk cycles.

8 Days of Monsters

Then came 4 days of clay where I used Photoshop to design the characters and then MOHO to rig and animate them using the super powerful smart warp inside of MOHO.

4 Days of Clay

And then finally came 4 days of Dewie after seeing the new Ducktales 2017 trailer so I decided to rig myself a Dewie and then see what he can do.

4 Days of Dewie

I then put some of my favorite walks together in a line similar to the cover of my favorite animation book ‘The Animators Survival Kit’.

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 Posted on : April 25, 2017

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