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Right then here we go, 36 days of After Effects character animation. So character design is something that can be a scary beast to tackle and something I wanted to get better at, and whats the best way to get better at doing something? By doing it over and over again.

This is how I decided to start a 36 days of character animation project. Why 36 days? Simply so I can display the final product in a 6 X 6 gif. It actually started as 32 days so I could put them in 4 squares but in the end I wanted 1 large image so added 4 days I had laying around.

All of these animations were made in After Effects with various plugins such ad DUIK, Rubber Hose and Joysticks and Sliders.

Here is the final piece –


This was the first round –


and the 2nd –


the 3rd –


and finally the 4th round –



Find something you want to get better at, set your self a project and stick at it every day for the next 30 days and at the end you will have improved your chosen skill no end. I have MASSIVELY more confidence in taking on character animation jobs after completing this one.

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 Posted on : December 6, 2016

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