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Chris Haldenby 2017 Motion Graphics Reel


Here it is! The last 10 months in 75 seconds.

This is some animation work I’ve done over the last year in both Mograph Mentor and doing personal projects.

Every project in this reel is designed and animated by me with some creative guidance from the good folks at MM and my mentors Ryan Summers and Lucas Brooking.

The software that I use in these videos is a mixture of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects and the stand alone animation program MOHO 12 (formerly Anime Studio) which I started using long after AE but have come to love for anything related to character animation.

Whats Next?

So moving forwards I will go back and do the final block of Mograph Mentor (class 3) which starts in May and then hopefully start up taking on more freelancing clients again. Between now and the start of the next class I’m doing another personal project with a style that I want to have in my portfolio before getting into class 3. I will update a new post over the next week with the style frames and progress on that.

At the same time as doing larger projects in AE and MOHO I want to start learning some more frame by frame animation so I am going to start setting some more time aside each day for that and hopefully get it to a level where I can start implementing more into my larger projects.

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 Posted on : March 15, 2017

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